5 star rating  My two current cats Smokey and Toby, and previous cat Rusty have always received nothing but the finest care from Muir Oaks veterinary Hospital. I have no problem leaving my animals in the care of Dr. Herder and her very capable staff. I am also always cordially greeted by the front desk staff, and quickly expedited upon completion of services

Ronald N. Avatar Ronald N.

5 star rating  Treated our aging kitty with empathy and caring.

David K. Avatar David K.

5 star rating  More than friendly. Accomodating. Just all around pro's. Not a backyard give your money setup. Even checks vacination records. Nice.

Jason S. Avatar Jason S.

5 star rating  I think they do a great job. Vets are attentive, staff is pleasant, place is clean. Dr. Herder runs a tight ship, is very busy, and is a smart doctor who cares about your pet - this is what you should look for in a veterinary.

Nate E. Avatar Nate E.

5 star rating  Loved, loved, loved this place!! We found an extremely young kitten we were worried about. We had such great care. The phone staff was awesome, the vet tech, the doc and the check out person were fabulous. Our bet followed up with not just one but two emails with info to help us. Not just that but she didn't take advantage by running extra tests that wouldn't help right now. To be honest, the only thing that would keep me from going back is Bob. He was so rude to the front desk staff. As a manager I could not believe how he was speaking to her. Very degrading, rude and completely unprofessional, especially in front of a patient.

Trinity S. Avatar Trinity S.

5 star rating  I love the caring way the vets and techs treat my cats. They always suggest things but never force me into anything I feel is not needed and if I have a question about what they are suggesting for treatment they always explain it totally for me. They called me when I had questions and concerns for my cats and understand the feelings pet owners have for their pets. I truly appreciate what they do and how they do it.

Lauri S. Avatar Lauri S.

5 star rating  Place feels up to date. clean and immaculate. the Doctor was energetic and positive. I will definitely be bringing my pup back here. Thanks guys


5 star rating  I rescued my westie and Dr. Melody Herder has been very helpful and understanding. She went the extra mile with my dogs teeth and answered all my questions regarding his health and age. I am very pleased with this Veterinary hospital.

Liz B. Avatar Liz B.

5 star rating  Muir Oaks Veterinary Hospital has been taking care of our dogs since 1997 and has always provided top quality care and treatment. Daisy our shepherd-mix and Shasta our golden retriever lived into their 15th years. Mulan our 6 yo rescue terrier-whipet has enjoyed excellent health since her 4th-month of puppyhood. An out of the ordinary situation ocurred while our son's laborador stayed with us for a month. Ginger had an ear infection that had been untreatable by Atlanta vetinarians. Dr Herder at MOVH identified the rare bacteria and provided the ear drops that solved the problem. Needless to say, my wife and I have complete trust in MOVH.

John S. Avatar John S.

5 star rating  Muir Oaks Veterinary Hospital has been caring for our pets since 1992. The same caring attitude is displayed with our German Shepherd puppy as it was with our terminally ill 13 year old sheepdog. We board our pups with Muir Oaks Vet also. Their follow-up on tests/issues is ALWAYS timely. They take extra time to make us comfortable with what is being prescribed for our furry friends. Highly recommend this hospital and staff to anyone in search of professional and caring attention to your pets needs.

Bev L. Avatar Bev L.

5 star rating  They are amazing! My vet couldn't squeeze us in last minute when my dog was sick over the weekend, so I scrambled to find someone. We scheduled an appointment at one vet office, but I lost track and went to Muir Oaks instead. They were so kind, took my dog in as a drop in, took care of him, and were very thorough in their care and answering all my questions. I'm now a committed patient here!

Angie C. Avatar Angie C.

5 star rating  Dr. Herder has been all my dogs Vet she has always been professional and caring always remembering everything about them and their health!!!

Alan K. Avatar Alan K.

5 star rating  My rescue Cocker Spaniel had many health issues, one after another, so we were at Muir Oaks frequently during her lifetime . . . And she could not have received better (or more loving) care. Dr. Herder often consulted with specialists to determine a particular diagnosis and/or treatment and worked closely with Sage Specialty Hospital for more complicated surgeries . . . and ultimately for chemotherapy. For those reviews complaining of the high cost, may I suggest pet health insurance (which was literally a [Baby's] lifesaver for me) . . . and quote the old canard, "You get what you pay for". The very first thing I did with my new rescue Cocker Spaniel was to take her to Muir Oaks for her "new pet" check-up. She can't possibly get better (and more loving) care anywhere.

Joan T. Avatar Joan T.

5 star rating  The location is conveniently right off HWY 4. The staff are very friendly. Appointments times are almost always available. Dr. Herder is very thorough and explains everything. We've had other vets in the past. Muir Oaks Veterinary Hospital is by far the best one we've been too. Highly recommend it!!

Silvia W. Avatar Silvia W.

5 star rating  A very warm and compassionate staff helped my family. Excellent doctors and staff that really care and understand how to make a family feel good through a tough time. Thank you.

Doug V. Avatar Doug V.

5 star rating  The goodness begins with the front desk ladies, who are ALWAYS kind and patient, even when the phones are ringing off the hooks and they have clients waiting. This is the first impression of the office and its a very positive one! Next, it is a nice and CLEAN office. Back office staff so friendly and they remember your dogs from one visit to another, another thing that impressed me. The vet was friendly, clearly very knowledgeable and obviously cares for your pet. Plus's all the way around. When I first decided to become a patient here (my dogs) I was a little concerned that because its such a nice office that the prices would be out of reach, not so. The prices are very much on par with the rest of the vets we have been to over the years. This was a relief. I am definitely pleased with our care here and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a vet in the Martinez area. It is right off the Morello exit so it is easy to find and easy to get on and off freeway.

Angie S. Avatar Angie S.

5 star rating  I've been bringing all of our pets to Muir Oaks since 2002 and have never been dissatisfied with the service. Dr. Herder and the other veterinarians are fantastic, always taking the very best care of my pets. Dr. Herder goes above and beyond for her patients. She works harder than anyone I've ever seen, rarely taking time off and even making phone calls or writing emails in the evening to her patients to discuss ongoing medical problems and concerns. She gives recommendations for tests and medications, but never pressures me to pay for things I can't afford or don't feel is necessary. I trust her medical expertise 100%. She is always thorough and honest. My pets are my babies and I would do anything for them. The receptionists do tend to come and go, but all of the staff over the years have been extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The nurses/techs are super friendly and easy to talk to. They're very gentle with all the animals. My pets have always received excellent care and now Dr. Herder's son, Dr. Jimison has recently joined the practice. He's a great addition to the team at Muir Oaks. He has been treating my oldest cat and he explains everything in a way that I can understand and answers all my questions. He is very patient and helpful. We've also used their boarding service for our dog when we went to Hawaii a few years ago. She can be very skittish and hard for a stranger to deal with, but the staff took excellent care of her while we were gone. I was able to call and check on her and they were more than happy to update me on how she was doing. I would never take my pets anywhere else. I'm treated like family at Muir Oaks and I know my pets are in good hands when I bring them there.

Kimberly L. Avatar Kimberly L.

5 star rating  Don't quite understand all the negative reviews. I've been taking our dogs & cats to MOVH since 1998. I have had nothing but the best experiences from their staff & doctors. I take my Border Collie there every 3-6 weeks for a pedicure, & have done so for the last 5 years. I visit MOVH constantly & have NEVER had a bad experience. MOVH has always accommodates my last minute phone call to get my dog &/or cat's in for either a check up or pedicure(s) due to my hectic work schedule. 99% of the time, I can be seen that same day. That is what I call GREAT customer service. Their prices are more than fair. I have never walked out feeling like I paid too much. To the naysayers who believe Melody &/or Bob are posting fake reviews, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD EXAMINED! I suppose my post is a lie too... Stop spreading vicious rumors & lie's.

Scott T. Avatar Scott T.

5 star rating  This review is long overdue, but Ariana, Emily and Dr. Jimison were so sweet and amazing when my poor husky boy broke his toenail. They found a way to see him same day bc it was really bad and took complete care of him. I was kinda freaking out and they helped me calm down and also were very comforting with my little Kiko. I will definitely be back

Haley B. Avatar Haley B.

5 star rating  My little Chi has been getting excellent care at Muir Oaks, thanks to Dr. Herder's very attentive care. He's got a bit of a heart murmur which the doctor has been monitoring. I brought him in for something else, which she checked out and it turned out to be nothing, but noted that the murmur was getting louder and proposed doing some testing. Luckily, my vet insurance covered 90% of the testing fees, and Dr. Herder was really on top of his care. He is now on a medication to help the condition, and I feel like she really did a great job of making sure he was adjusting to the meds. I feel like Billy and I are in good hands. Thanks, Dr. Herder! - Sharon Williams

Doreen G. Avatar Doreen G.

5 star rating  Friendly staff. Clean facility with plenty of parking. Easy to find location, close to the freeway

Tim B. Avatar Tim B.

5 star rating  we always receive the most professional help from super friendly folks that work at Muir Oaks.

Julie L. Avatar Julie L.

5 star rating  Our family has been with Dr. Herder for over 30 years. We have had dogs with many different health issues. Dr. Herder never stops trying to find solutions to help our beloved dogs. We recently lost a rescue dog from a problem that he had prior to rescue. Dr. Herder did everything possible to help us give him a longer life. We then rescued another little dog. Max came from out local shelter in Vallejo. He had an ear infection that the veterinarian the shelter used was treating but wasn't working. Dr. Herder took samples and found one ear had a yeast infection and one a bacterial infection. Max's ears are better after Dr. Herder changed the treatment. Over the years it worth the travel from Vallejo to Dr. Herder to get the best care we can for our beloved dogs.

Linda F. Avatar Linda F.

5 star rating  When my puppy was sick I called 8 vets and animal hospitals, none of them could take her! I was running out of hope for Luna my puppy when I called oaks and they took her in gave her fluids, medicine and made her 100% better! Everyone was so kind and made me feel great about the care being provided. THANK YOU!

Faye J. Avatar Faye J.

5 star rating  I've been using Muir Oaks for 15+ years and I would recommend them to anyone.

lisa b. Avatar lisa b.

5 star rating  Dr. Herder and staff are very good handling my Chow. When they take blood or perform any other tests, they always let me know the results the same day or the next day. This puts me at ease regarding her health and I would recommend Muir Oaks to anyone looking for care for their pet.

Shirley P. Avatar Shirley P.

5 star rating  Good customer service friendly staff.

Toni D. Avatar Toni D.

5 star rating  I liked this office. My dog was ok with it too.

Rebecca S. Avatar Rebecca S.

5 star rating  Dr. Herder has been the vet for my last 5 cats over the past 20 years. She is quite knowledgeable and has provided the best possible care for each, and in their late years, ensuring their comfort but not prolonging the inevitable. The past 11 months have been particularly difficult. I lost my 2 baby girls (both 18 years) to kidney disease -- the most recent was 3 wks ago. Dr. Herder was gentle with them and helped me thru the experience. I'm grateful she understood my need to be with them. The staff and doctors at Muir Oaks have been comforting and understanding of my grief. Now it's just me and my little boy kitty, who was diagnosed with kidney disease just a couple of months ago. I'm comforted knowing that Dr. Herder is his doctor too.

Hope G. Avatar Hope G.

5 star rating  Professional and knowledgeable service.

Michael B. Avatar Michael B.

5 star rating  Friendly staff - assistants and veterinarians

Martin D. Avatar Martin D.